How to Setup a Gala Node

Gala Node Overview and Setup:


  • Website: Gala
  • Node Status: Mainnet
  • Token: 1 GALA = ~$0.025 USD (Mar 30 2021)
  • Cost to Acquire Node License:
    • ~$9,000 (MAR 30 2021)
    • Price increases $100 when 100 more nodes are purchased
    • Max of 50,000 Founders Nodes, then a different class of nodes will be available
  • Setup Complexity: 2/5 – Purchase license, install a file (Windows) or copy/paste a few lines of code (Linux). No troubleshooting required.
  • Rewards:
    • ~900 GALA reward per day at current node license distribution (MAR 30 2021)
    • GALA rewards are distributed across all GALA node owners, so they go down a tiny little bit when new nodes are purchased.
    • As the price of a node license slowly increases, the rate of new nodes being purchased might decrease, reducing the rate at which the GALA reward decreases
  • Notes:
    • As with any early project, increased value is anticipated as project matures and user base grows.


  • Hosting Provider: Digital Ocean (this link grants you $100 in credit valid for 2 months)
  • Cost per Month: $6
  • Server Setup: Create a Droplet with specific settings:
  • Node Setup:
    1. Purchase node at Gala’s website
      1. Click “My Node” or go to
      2. Click “Buy Now”
      3. If necessary, send the appropriate amount of ETH, GALA or BAT to your Gala account
      4. Complete the purchase
    2. Wait for your license
      1. Click Profile image in the top right
      2. Click “Account”
      3. Click “Node Info”
      4. Wait for the page to show you that you have 1 node license
    3. Install and launch your node:
    4. Install and launch your node
      1. In your Digital Ocean account, click on your server name. Then click “Console” in the top right corner.
      2. Paste curl | sudo bash
      3. Hit Enter
      4. Follow the prompts
    5. Check that your node is running successfully:
      1. Paste systemctl status linux-headless-node@1.service
      2. Hit Enter
    6. Double check that your node is running successfully:
      1. On the Gala website:
        1. Click Profile image in the top right
        2. Click “Account”
        3. Click “Node Info”
        4. Ensure there is green text at the top that says you have 1 node running
    7. Rewards are distributed each evening. To confirm you received your reward:
      1. On the Gala website:
        1. Click the globe icon in the top right
        2. Your daily distribution will show


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