How to Setup a Mysterium Node

Mysterium Node Overview and Setup:


  • Website: Mysterium
  • Node Status: Testnet
  • Token: 1 MYST = ~$1.00 USD (Nov 11 2021)
  • Cost to Acquire Node License: $0
  • Setup Complexity: 4/5 – Requires some simple steps and some tricky steps beyond downloading & installing.
  • Rewards:
    • Rewards are minimal while on Testnet. Seems close to 0.25 MYST per day with 50% variability.
    • MYST rewards are likely to increase on Mainnet
    • MYST staking will be required on Mainnet
  • Notes:
    • As with any early project, current rewards are not highly beneficial.
    • Value is anticipated as project matures and user base grows.


  • Hosting Provider: DigitalOcean (this link grants you $100 in credit valid for 2 months)
  • Cost per Month: $6
  • Server Setup:
    • Navigate to your Control Panel.
    • Click “Create” and then “Droplet”.
    • Create a Droplet with specific settings:
      • Pay special attention to the “Marketplace” setting on top, then the “Docker” option.
    • Also, at the top, click “Marketplace”.
    • Search and select “Docker”.
  • Node Setup:
    1. Click the name of your droplet to go to the droplet details page.
    2. Click “Console” in the top right to open the console window.
    3. *** If you didn’t install docker from the Marketplace in the “Server Setup” above, install Docker:
    4. Launch Mysterium Node:
      • Use installation option #2, “Script install”. It’s just two commands. Skip the rest of the steps.
      • Run “sudo ufw allow 4449/tcp” to open up port 4449.
      • You can close the console window.
      • Go back to the droplet details page for the droplet you used for this node.
      • Click to copy the IP address after “ipv4:” in the top left under the name of your droplet.
      • Open a new browser tab.
      • Go to http://<ipv4&gt;:4449/#/dashboard by replacing <ipv4> with the IP address you copied.
      • Click “start node setup”.
      • Past the address of the wallet you want to receive rewards in and click “next”. You can use a standard Ethereum address like one of your MetaMask addresses.
      • Type in a password you’ll use to access this node dashboard in the future. DO check the checkbox to claim the node in your network.
      • Click the “Get it here” link and find your API key. Copy it. Go back and paste it. Click “Save & Continue”.
    5. Done! You’re Mysterium node is running!
    6. Note: You might see a message “To participate in the bounty pilot, please go to Settings”. Ignore that. It’s just behind a bit and doesn’t realize you claimed your node in the previous step. It’ll update on refresh after a few minutes.
  • Extra Info
    • Multiple Nodes
      • When you signed up for Digital Ocean, you might have received a $100 credit that is valid for 60 days. If so, this is enough to run 8 nodes for 2 months using the available credit.
      • Run each node in your same Digital Ocean account. You will create a new Droplet for each node.
      • Use the same Mysterium account for all of your nodes.


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