How to Setup a Presearch Node

Presearch Node Overview and Setup:


  • Website: Presearch
  • Node Status: Testnet
  • Token: 1 PRE = ~$0.10 USD (Mar 30 2021)
  • Cost to Acquire Node License: $0
  • Setup Complexity: 3/5 – Requires some simple steps beyond downloading & installing.
  • Rewards:
    • With 1,000 PRE staked, 0.5-1 PRE reward per day at current user adoption (MAR 30 2021)
    • PRE rewards scale with additional PRE staked
    • If no PRE staked, no rewards, though you have experience with the node for future benefit
  • Notes:
    • As with any early project, current rewards are not highly beneficial.
    • Value is anticipated as project matures and user base grows.


  • Hosting Provider: DigitalOcean (this link grants you $100 in credit valid for 2 months)
  • Cost per Month: $6
  • Server Setup:
    • Navigate to your Control Panel.
    • Click “Create” and then “Droplet”.
    • Create a Droplet with specific settings:
      • Pay special attention to the “Marketplace” setting on top, then the “Docker” option.
    • Also, at the top, click “Marketplace”.
    • Search and select “Docker”.
  • Node Setup:
    1. Submit form at
    2. to request approval to run a node. You will be approved.
    3. If you don’t receive an email in 24 hours message – founder – and he will approve you.
    4. In your Digital Ocean account, click on your server name. Then click “Console” in the top right corner.
    5. *** If you didn’t install docker from the Marketplace in the “Server Setup” above, install Docker:
    6. Launch Presearch Node:
      • NOTE – When you paste the command into your DigitalOcean Ubuntu Console, it might not paste the entire command. You can paste your command into any text document (or a draft email). After you paste the command to your console, observer where it cut off and then paste the rest of the command. I broke the command into three equal sized chunks and it worked great. Paste all three then hit enter.
    7. Monitor your node’s activity on
    8. If you want to stake PRE to earn rewards, also use the Presearch Node Dashboard to stake 1,000 or more PRE to your node.
  • Extra Info
    • Multiple Nodes
      • When you signed up for Digital Ocean, you might have received a $100 credit that is valid for 60 days. If so, this is enough to run 8 nodes for 2 months using the available credit.
      • Run each node in your same Digital Ocean account. You will create a new Droplet for each node.
      • Use the same Presearch registration number for all of your nodes.


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